Blowing the dust off this site…

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It has been over a year since I have written on this blog and I am feeling the creativity flow. My brain freeze is melting as fast as the snow outside. And yes, we still have snow in Maine.

Along with blowing the dust off this site, I am focusing on a new direction. What that direction is, I’m not quite sure, but the road to figuring it out is always the fun part anyway.

In the past year I have moved from a country setting, into a more city setting. Living in the country my entire life made this a not so easy transition, but I am starting to get use to the flow of things now. I am still not use to the noise and it makes me ready to get back up to Baxter State Park for some disconnect time. I am considering dedicating a whole page to Baxter happenings.

Come back soon for more changes on this blog. I have about 10 pages of notes going on, so there are sure to be a few soon.



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Nice months ago, in a land, what seems now like, far far away, lived a newlywed who decided to stop posting on her blog! Although I have put aside the internet stuff through the majority of my first year of marriage, I am back, and ready to attack with all the fresh new inspiration that has been hitting me lately. Of course the only way I know to process my feelings is with words, and photos. A LOT has happened in the past year that to some may seem incomprehensible, to others it may seem like a cake walk. For me, it was my experience, and do we not all learn better from experience?

The biggest change of my life so far, since marriage, is moving from my small-time country bumpkin town, to a little bit faster of a pace, in Southern Maine. I am absolutely positive my processing time, and adaptability has been stunted by the sudden shock. I owned my own home for five years, lived in the same place, for me that is a big deal, and it was a very large part of my 20’s. Now I am further from my family, surrounded by unfamiliar sounds, creaks, and people. CULTURE SHOCK!

I am also looking for work in a completely different area. I spent the last 5 months working at L.L.Bean in a seasonal position. Easily the best job I have ever had and I can not wait to return for another season, and maybe even land a year round job with them. I can see why they are one of the best companies to work for in the North East. Until I can get back to that position, I am looking for life to sway me in whatever direction it chooses. It brought me back to blogging, so it can’t be all bad, right?

For this blog my question to you is, what is the biggest transition of your life, and how did you overcome the obstacle(s)? Leave your answers in the comment section below. And be sure to come back often, as I am going to be dusting off this blog and updating it with new content, looks, and of course more great deals!


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So much change!

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Yay, I’m married!!! I know it has been almost 7 weeks since then, but a lot has gone on.
First of all, the wedding was AMAZING! I will post all about that at a later date.
Second, I QUIT SMOKING!! I am currently on day 25 without a cigarette. It has been hard, but I am doing great, and it is the best feeling after 17 years of smoking. Also another topic to be written about at a later date.
Third, I am in the process of getting my home sold. After living on this land for over 4 years, I am finding a place more suitable for my husband and myself, as well as our new life. Yet another blog post at another time.
And finally, I am still looking for a full time job. I have part time work with the Portland Sea Dogs, doing video work, but as we all know, life is expensive, so I am still plugging away at the school work and looking for some full time work.
I hope all of you have been well, and continue to be well. We all know that life changes all the time, and these are all of mine all at once. What are some of the changes going on in your life right now? Post a comment below.

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4 Days Until “I do”

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Our Promise

4 Days Until “I do”

As you can tell by the lack of posts, and billions of Tweets, I have been really busy the last few weeks. I started a new part-time job with the Portland Sea Dogs, working the home game camera. The majority of my time has been spent getting the last minute details of my wedding planned. Coordinating with a ton of people to make sure everyone is on the same page, and ready for the big day.

There was a time where I thought I had everything done -a couple blog posts back- but then things changed, some of the details and plans had to be more refined, alterations on dresses had to be done, I forgot to plan a couple things. A few weeks ago, my husband-to-be and myself, went on a Godzilla kick, watching all the movies. I can see now how they would compare a bride-to-be to Godzilla, to create the term, “Bridezilla.” I could relate to this monster and his aggravation with people not understanding , and invaders trying to destroy our big day. All I will really say about that, I have AMAZING family and friends! Not only do they deal with me, they make things better.

My friends also came through BIG TIME with my bachelorette party. We had a ladies only adult toy party, followed by a road trip to Bangor, Maine to visit Hollywood Casino, and some dancing at Barnaby’s. We stayed up until 5am being ridiculous and laughing and crying. Well I cried, happy tears, for about 5 minutes.

Now that the party is over, it has set in that I am getting married this week. I think the man is getting scared, because my squeals are getting more high pitched every single day. The excitement is always there, and little burst of over excitement keep popping up out of nowhere. Yesterday I was bouncing off the walls, even though I was dealing with a very last minute, very inconvenient, detail of the wedding that had to change. I still had nothing but smiles and productiveness all day.

I am still not nervous about who I am marrying, there is no doubt there! The nerves that are driving me nuts are the ones that know I will be crying over any sentimental thing. I do not cry when I am in pain, I do not cry over spilled milk, but animals getting their feelings hurt, and life’s sentimental moments make me crying uncontrollably. I dehydrated myself last night while I was trying to choose my Daddy/Daughter song to dance to. Another one of those last minute things that did not get done. Oops!

All that being said, I AM SO EXCITED!!!! 4 days to go until I marry my Mr. Right!!!!

Needless to say, I probably will not be writing another blog for a couple weeks. Between the wedding, Thank You cards, work, possibly a road trip weekend honeymoon, and being a Newlywed, I will be busy. I hope you all are having a fantastic April, and finish it off on a good note.

Final note: I send my prayers down to the people affected by the senseless act of violence in Boston, MA. Maine stands by you and we are ready to help you heal. God Bless!


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Highway to Hell?

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East-West Highway Proposal

Map of proposed east-west highway.

We are traveling down the road of controversy, as a plan for a  cross-Maine transportation route gets rolling. Now in the infant stages of planning, this $2 billion project has been a topic highly argued since the 1930’s. An east-west highway, in the central part of the state, could help the Maine economy, but some believe this could be our own highway to hell.

The 22o-mile private toll road affects several parts of Maine, including areas that use to flourish with the mill and factory jobs. Due to  the economy taking a nose dive off the high board, this particular part of the state could benefit from the jobs the highway creates. Although there is no timeline of construction, the temporary jobs  a large project would create, could be enough for many Mainers to dig themselves out of the hole. At that point, they could move to a more economically rewarding place, or help to continue the expansion of Central Maine. That is IF the plan guarantees that Mainers get first dibs on the jobs, and not the out of state contractors the state often hires. The new highway would also create a shortcut for Canadian goods going from the Maritime Seaport to Quebec and create more tourism for all areas involved.

Those who appose the east-west corridor project have come up with other ways to compromise, such as upgrading existing east-west rail lines. Some say this will be less intrusive and less of an environmental impact. In the plans that have been released to the pubic, it states that no conservation areas or protected areas would be bisected by the road. Peter Vigue, chairman and CEO of Cianbro Corp., “This is a work in progress and we are assessing every mile,” he said. Many will argue that damaging Maine’s beauty could be hurtful to the image that Maine represents, as a woodsy, slower lifestyle that so many know and love.  A lot of the people against the highway, are the same ones who did not want the casinos in Maine.

Robert Morrison, of Charleston, in Penobscot County, said the scope of the project leaves the possibility open to an oil pipeline that would run alongside the highway. “Would you want a partner that kept secrets from you? Particularly a partner that had tried to deceive you for a year or more?” he asked legislators. He makes a very good point there, considering there have been many details not released to the public.

Bruce Van Note, deputy commissioner of the Maine DOT, said the east-west corridor proposal is currently a private project, outside the scope of the law. This allows the department to participate in public-private partnerships.  There has never been an application to the department for any public-private partnership.  Van Note and Peter Mills, executive director of the Maine Turnpike Authority, said allowing public view of partnership documents in projects’ first stages would render the public-private program meaningless. Does this mean our concerns and opinions are meaningless?

Assistant House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe, D-Skowhegan, said his bill, L.D. 721, was not specifically about the east-west highway, but was aimed at fostering more informed community discussions of major transportation projects. The bill would remove the DOT’s authority to restrict public access to records from transportation projects with an “initial capital cost” of $25 million or more, or when the project would establish tolls on roads that were previously toll-free.

As the most expensive development project in state history, there is a lot of research to be done.  Last year, the Legislature directed the DOT to conduct a $300,000 economic feasibility study of the highway. Governor Paul LePage, a supporter of the project, slowed the study last year after a Republican senator’s constituent raised some concerns. Van Note said the DOT has spent “a few thousand dollars” to draft a request-for-proposal to conduct the study, which drew no response.  There is a large difference in $300,000, and “a few thousand dollars,” you can ask anyone who makes less than $2000 a month. 

There are so many questions still left on the minds of Mainers as we inch closer to a possible 220 mile expansion. In a time where the state is so far in debt, can we really afford this? How long will it take to pay for itself? Will Maine workers be employed by the investors? Those questions and more are coming from all over the state.

What lane are you in when it comes to the east-west highway controversy? Are you for it, or against it? Why?

Leave your comments below and buckle your seat belt!


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